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 Match 6 T.Bay 28/07/13

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Match 6 T.Bay 28/07/13 Empty
PostSubject: Match 6 T.Bay 28/07/13   Match 6 T.Bay 28/07/13 Empty2nd September 2013, 7:21 pm

Leg 6 was fished by 5 boats out of Treaddur Bay. We would have had a record turn out of 6 boats had my galley buddy not of been on holiday, so I jumped ship onto Goldilocks to make the most of the good forecast.
Sea pigeon came out of retirement and showed us all how to do it by catching 12 species and 3 specimens, 27.5.00lb, 65 points
Goldilocks were 2nd with 12 species and 2 specimens, 16.10.04lb, 60 points
Basshunter were 3rd with 13 species, 19.02.00lb, 58 points
Lady M were 4th with 9 species and 3 specimens, 11.02.08lb, 53 points
Seawitch were 5th with 8 species, 10.03.08lb, 40 points

The heaviest round fish went to sea pigeon with a thornback of 10.11.08lb

The heaviest flatfish pool went to Basshunter with a plaice of 00.08.04lb

Specimen fish caught were
Goldilocks Huss 09.09.08lb, Cuckoo 8oz
Lady M, Ballan 02.11.04lb, Cuckoo 01.01.12lb, Spotted Ray 03.09.04lb
Sea pigeon, Huss 08.11.08lb, Ballan 02.08.12lb, Thorny 10.11.08lb
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Match 6 T.Bay 28/07/13
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