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 Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09

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Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 Empty
PostSubject: Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09   Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 Empty7th August 2009, 9:40 pm

I dont know where this report had disappeared to so ive posted it again. scratch

Only two juniors fished the second leg of Colwyn Bay Victoria sea angling clubs Junior Summer league at Benarth.

The easterly wind and occasional showers were a shock to the system after last weeks fine weather but as this venue has shelter on three sides, it wasnt unpleasant.

There was one fishing when we got down there, we had a good laugh watching it eating a small Eel but i was a bit too slow with the camera.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0070-1

As we have found after fishing here for the last couple of years, the Flounders are usually on the feed in the earlier part of the ebb, giving way to lots of little Eels over low.

Today was no exception and Elliot was first to catch with a Flounder of 39cms within the first half hour. He followed this up next cast with one slightly smaller at 37cms.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0072-1
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0074-1

Tom was getting a little dispondent, after being beaten by 4 Flounders to 1 in the first leg, he was getting worried but a little rattle on his rod soon snapped him out of it. He waited for it to go again, but when he tried to reel it in, it was stuck hard on a snag.

I told him to let a big bow of line out and watch his rod, if it nodded again he could try reeling in again.

This worked a treat. The line slowly tightened and a much more positive bite followed. He grabbed the rod and started reeling. The rig had freed from the snag and he was huffing and puffing a bit while reeling it in. I had visions of a lump of weed or possibly a decent Flounder, but after a couple of splashes, a head emerged from the water that had us all smiling.

It was Toms first Bass and he had a Flounder on the bottom hook for good measure.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0075-1

I showed him the spines on it, but maybe after the photos would have been a better idea judging by his face.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0076-1

It was measured at 42 cms and promptly returned along with the 25cm Flounder.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0078-1

Elliot had another Flounder of 29cms before it briefly went quiet.This didnt last long as the Eels replaced the Flounders and bites picked up again.

During the lull in action, we had a visit off one of the disgruntled locals. I think we were trespassing on private land and she wasnt too happy about it. She made her views known with a series of hisses and her kids were full of backchat too. She soon realised she wasnt going to budge us though and decided to take the kids to another spot.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0079-1
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0080-1

The Eels werent there in their usual numbers, but there were enough to keep us entertained.

Elliot had one of 50cms, which weighed about a pound.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0082-1

Tom had a double to keep him in contention.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0083-1

The smaller ones were up to their usual tricks.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0081-1

With half an hour to go there was just one fish in it, Tom trailed Elliot by 7cms and a decent Eel would probably win it for him. It was time for the Eels to stop feeding though. Crabs started robbing the baits and just to rub salt in the wound, Elliot pulled in a 23cm Flounder to take top spot in the match with 208cms.
Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09 100_0085-1

Toms 177cms was agonisingly close, but he was more than happy with the Bass, which is his biggest fish to date, and his main target species for the year nailed.

Happy Days.
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Summer match 2. Benarth. 7/6/09
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