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 Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09

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Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 Empty
PostSubject: Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09   Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 Empty5th July 2009, 10:36 pm

Three juniors fished the third leg of the junior summer league at Benarth earlier today, including a new member so welcome to Jack!

As usual at this venue it was fish from the off. Tom was first to catch with a Flounder of 35cms.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0145

The Flounders continued to come in steadily, Stephen had a single and then a double header of smaller ones to take him into the lead.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0154

Jack found a small one too so all the kids had caught early on which is always good for enthusiasm levels.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0150

They even spent a little time actually watching their rods!
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0147

Stephen only had frozen crab, but Chris spent a good while routing around to supliment these with some fresh ones which were doing the business with the small Flounder.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0148

Tom had another couple of fish to keep in touch with Stephen and Jack found the first Eel of the match which was rounded up to 50cms.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0153

Time plodded on and the Flounders just kept coming! Usually the Flounders go off the feed and are replaced by Eels but this didnt happen today. Maybe it was due to fresh water coming down the river after yesterdays sharp showers, or because it was a smaller tide than we usually fish here, but we werent complaining as the Flounder continued to take the bait.

Stephen had a treble header to move into a clear lead.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0152

Tom had another decent Flounder of 36cms but Jack moved up into second with another Eel which was rounded down to 30cms.

Stephen took his tally up to 9 Flounders as we approached the end. Jack was in second, but only just and a fish on the last cast would make a big difference for either him or Tom.

Fortunately for Tom, it was him who managed it with a small Flounder to move him back up into second position.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0151

Sadly, Jack found a snag. Chris did his best to free it but when it came in the hooks were empty so Jack had to settle for third.
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0156

The final result saw Stephen take top spot with 9 Flounders for 203cms. Tom was second with 4 Flounders for 112cms, just pipping Jack who took third prize with a Flounder and 2 Eels for 102cms.

With one match remaining, the league table is as follows;
1. Thomas Jones. 327cms 42 points.
2. Elliot Roberts. 349cms 30 points.
3. Stephen Higginson. 203cms 15 points.
4. Jack Peters. 102cms 13 points.

The final match of the league will be at Rhyl Foryd on Sunday 30th August, fishing from 17-30 until 20-30.

Mr and Mrs Swan made an appearance to show us how the kids are getting along, which was nice!
Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09 100_0149
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Summer match 3. Benarth. 5/7/09
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