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Sea Angling in North Wales
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  Fur & feather open, 8/12/18.

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        Fur & feather open,      8/12/18. Empty
PostSubject: Fur & feather open, 8/12/18.           Fur & feather open,      8/12/18. Empty9th December 2018, 12:24 pm

The brave turned up for this one, but it turned out not to bad in the end, 19 Dog  6 Dad
55 Whiting 8 Rockling, being the catch weight at the scales top rods below.

       Jimmy Price                 A         7-12-0  2 Dogs12 Whiting
       Billy Linfield                A          7-9-8   3 Dogs 8 Whiting
       Wayne Mcgilloway       A          7-8-0    3 Dogs 9 Whiting

 "A"   Zone    A Harrison                5-6-2.
                   T Roberts                  4-9-6
                   D Radcliffe                0-11-2

"B"  Zone     Paul Bonner               6-3-2
                   Barrie Haigh              6-0-2
                   Tony Jones                5-5-8

 " C" Zone     T Harrison                5-4-0
                   B Hartley                  4-5-6
                   S Moffet                   4-4-8

Lady       Nia Williams                3-2-8

Junior     T Badcott                    1-7-8

Heavest Round fish   T Roberts    Dog    1-10-4lb

Heavest Flat fish    Norman Dorling    Dab   0-8-2lb

number fished 28
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Fur & feather open, 8/12/18.
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