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 Goldilocks. 11/9/10.

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Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Goldilocks. 11/9/10.   Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty11th September 2010, 6:26 pm

After a bit of worrying about the forecast yesterday, today was the Tyco fishing clubs inaugural outing aboard Goldilocks charters from Rhyl.

Chris and Mike. Dont they make a lovely couple? I love you
Goldilocks. 11/9/10. 100_0706

Youll pay for that later Rob No
Goldilocks. 11/9/10. 100_0707

Tope hunters Jamie and Dan afro
Goldilocks. 11/9/10. 100_0708

After the last attempt at this trip ending in us being cancelled the day before due to poor weather, a couple of people had dropped out and so the numbers were made up by Frank from our clubs boat section and a couple of his mates from up Manchester way, Fishy and Chris.

We set off from Rhyl just before 11am and steamed through the swells to the first mark we were going to try for some Mackeral to use for bait. Waterproofs were soon put on as the waves splashed over the wheelhouse and up over the side of the boat. Unfortunately for Chris ( Manchester ) he didn’t have waterproofs and managed to take a wave full in the face and so spent the rest of the trip drying off.

We stopped for a drift for Mackys but in the time we were all feathering nobody had any, with just Whiting and a Weaver coming aboard. Gwinny got on the radio, and we were soon steaming again to a mark further out with the signs looking good.

Goldilocks. 11/9/10. 100_0705

Once the anchor was dropped, we started picking up some Mackeral along with Whiting, Dabs and the occasional Tub Gurnard.

I was after a Grey Gurnard for the species hunt but could only manage a few Dogs and some small Whiting early on, on my baited feathers. Glad I took a couple of Macky with me.

Jamie and Dan tried big baits for Tope but with no joy.

More Tub Gurnard were coming aboard, with increasing numbers of Mackeral and some Dogs before I found the biggest fish of the day with a Huss to the baited feathers and he wouldnt sit still for his picture either!

Goldilocks. 11/9/10. 100_0710

The swell claimed a couple of casualties, with Manchester Chris and Rob regurgitating the full English they`d had before setting off as well as the Kronenberg that Rob had been guzzling earlier on. No No No

Things went quiet for an hour over slack water before they picked up on the ebb.

As the tide increased, Gwinny, who had been busy supplying hot drinks and pasties decided to up anchor so we could drift in the tide. This didn’t make a lot of difference to the fishing and it wasn’t long until he signalled it was time for everyone to reel in as we were heading back.

With Gwinny heading off to the Mersey at the end of the month, its very likely that the next trip will be from there over the winter months.

It seemed that everyone had enjoyed themselves, even Manchester Chris and Rob, who had both perked up a bit by now and fair dos to Rob for polishing off a couple of pasties to replace his lost breakfast.

Cant wait for the next one now. Thanks Gwinny! cheers

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Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Goldilocks. 11/9/10.   Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty11th September 2010, 7:54 pm

Great report Kev!
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Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Goldilocks. 11/9/10.   Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty12th September 2010, 6:53 pm

Good report there Kev, you can't beat a good day out with Gwynnie on Goldilocks.
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Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Goldilocks. 11/9/10.   Goldilocks. 11/9/10. Empty

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Goldilocks. 11/9/10.
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