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 Splash Point. 28/8/10.

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Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty
PostSubject: Splash Point. 28/8/10.   Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty28th August 2010, 9:43 pm

A phone call off the old man inviting me to Splash Point for a couple of hours was a far better prospect than staying in with the missus in command of the remote tonight, so within 20 minutes I was walking across the sand to meet Terry who was already fishing.

Paul was to our left and one of the old mans postie mates ( didn’t get his name ) walked out with me and set up to our right.

There was another angler to Pauls left and another 2 off Garford Road.

Terry had a small schoolie first cast, and so did I racking up species number 33 for the year. cheers

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0685

Next cast, same result for me again!! cheers

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0686

Terry was next in with another small one before his first ever double header of Bass in over 50 years of fishing

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0688

I told him he should have fished the point more and he would have done it sooner! lol!

I went over for a chat with Paul who reeled in a better fish as I was walking back. I returned to do the camera man bit.

The chap who works with my old man was proper Bass fishing, standing holding his rod having already dug enough worm for his session. When I returned Terry was taking a photo of him with a better Bass again, this one would probably tip the scales to 2.5 lb.

He was admiring our lamps when Terry gave a yelp and dashed off to his rod saying hed had a belting bite. I thought it was a bird flying into his line as I had heard a screech as he jumped into action and and with no fish on when he retrieved and his bait still intact my theory seemed favourite.

There were no more fish as the tide started to flood but plenty of castwatching action. Wormy parked up at the point and there were some suspect camera flashes off the prom to the east of the point. Who knows, castwatch watching could be the next big thing!!!

We packed in just after 9 and I headed home for a celebratory beer and to start planning species number 34.

Final scores were 2 for me and 4 for Terry. Paul and the other fella had 1 each. The others were too far away to see.

Heres some more shots

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0690

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0691

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0692

Splash Point. 28/8/10. 100_0693

Happy Days!!!

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Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Splash Point. 28/8/10.   Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty29th August 2010, 5:09 pm

Heres my pictures from last night
My best one, the feet are size 10, just for comparison
Splash Point. 28/8/10. Splashbass006
Some of you might remember Richard Heath,my mate from work.
Splash Point. 28/8/10. Splashbass004
Kev`s first
Splash Point. 28/8/10. Splashbass002
mine on the first cast.
Splash Point. 28/8/10. Splashbass001
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Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Splash Point. 28/8/10.   Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty30th August 2010, 9:29 am

some nice fish there lads well done Very Happy
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Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Splash Point. 28/8/10.   Splash Point. 28/8/10. Empty

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Splash Point. 28/8/10.
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