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 hhbw. 19/5/09.

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hhbw. 19/5/09. Empty
PostSubject: hhbw. 19/5/09.   hhbw. 19/5/09. Empty20th June 2009, 12:37 am

I had booked 2 nights off work for an 8 hour boat trip today, but the wind meant it was cancelled last night.

Not wanting to waste the holidays, i decided to try and bump up the species count on the Breakwater today, and Mike and Steve decided to join me for a bit of fun.

I was fishing by 11am, having set up 2 rods in Corkwing corner hoping for some beasties for the hunt. Mike and Steve were already getting bites when i arrived, and we all proceeded to catch loads of small Ballans and Corkwings.
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0092

I refuse to take a photo of a Ballan under 2lb so ill have to try again another day, although Mike had a belter which i weighed at 03-10-00Lbs!

I moved up to the end to try casting a rod out, hoping for a Gurnard, but all i caught on that was a double header of Dogs and this,
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0097
which i threw back, much to the disgust of the other lads fishing off the end. Rolling Eyes

The two rods with small hooks continued to find Ballans and Corkwings, although i did manage a Sea Scorpion,
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0098

a Pollack,
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0100

and a couple of Shore Rockling,
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0096

to boost my count in the species hunt.

I put a rig into the rough ground on the outside, and was instantly rewarded with a Pout.
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0099

I then caught this on the scratching rod.
hhbw. 19/5/09. 100_0102

I cant decide if its a juvenile 3 Bearded or a funny coloured Shore Rockling. The 3 other Shore Rockling i caught were all dark brown with no mottling, not pink and spotty like this one!

There was no sign of a Goldsinney or a Rock Cook, or a Rock Goby which i was hoping for, although i did switch up from 10s to 6s as the Corkwings were taking the size 10s too deep.

Mike and Steve left at tea time, and i moved to the first bend to fish the outside for a couple of hours.

Another Shore Rockling and a couple of missed bites were all i had before i put an end to a long but satisfying day, and headed to Mickey Ds at 10pm.
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hhbw. 19/5/09.
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