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 match 5- Menai Straits

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match 5- Menai Straits Empty
PostSubject: match 5- Menai Straits   match 5- Menai Straits Empty27th June 2012, 6:19 pm

4 boats turned up for the 5th leg of the boat league but we were soon down to 3 because Jo Amm had engine trouble and that forced them home early.
Brisk westerly winds were forecast, so there was only 1 place we could get out, the good old Straits!
The torrential rain we had a few days ago turned the straits a funny colour and think this affected the fishing (that’s our excuse anyway)
Lady M managed to find the fish and had a comfortable win recording 12 species and 2 specimens for a total weight of 18.05.04lb 62 points
02b@c were 2nd with 7 species 10.11.08lb 40 points
Goldilocks were 3rd with 4 species 05.04.12lb 30 points

Heaviest round fish went to 02b@c with a Huss of 07.06.08lb

Heaviest flat fish went to Lady M with a specimen Flounder of 02.00.00lb
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match 5- Menai Straits
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