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 Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11.

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Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. Empty
PostSubject: Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11.   Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. Empty14th November 2011, 7:31 pm

5 boats fished the ninth and final leg of the 2011 boat league in the Straits yesterday, with Bass Hunter missing. Get well soon Bob!
Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. 100_0972

As normal, we fished for the boat in a species hunt format, but this match incorperated the fur and feather, so each angler was trying to catch the heaviest combined roundfish and flatfish for positions in their position in that contest.

With this in mind, most of us opted to go all out for a decent fish from the start, meaning the species hunting wasnt given the same amount of effort as usual.

With this in mind, Lady M cemented their league championship with another win. A bag of 10 species for a weight of 13.01.12lbs gave them 50 points.

O2B@C finished second with 7 species for 06.09.04lbs and 40 points.
Hannah Lou were third with 6 species for 04.13.08lbs and 35 points.
Jo-Amm caught 4 species with 1 specimen, for a weight of 06.01.04lbs and 33 points with Goldilocks in fifth with 5 species for 04.04.00lbs and 31 points.

This gives Lady M the league title for this year with 405 points from the 9 matches.
Congratulations to Roger, Mike and Jay!

O2B@C finish in second position with 352 points and Bass Hunter were third overall with 333.
Jo-Amm finished fourth with 208 points, Goldilocks fifth with 180 and Hannah Lou sixth with 109.

Final league table and match by match results can be seen here

The £10 a man species sweep was won by Lady M with a total of 28 species from the 9 matches. O2B@C again in second with 23 species.
Bass hunter 22 species
Jo amm 17 species
Goldilocks 9 species
Hannah lou 9 species

Onto the individual results for the fur and feather.
1st Mike Robinson 07.08.00 Huss
2nd Andy Lee 02.13.08 Ballan
3rd Jason Phillips 02.13.04 Huss
4th Rog Edwards 02.07.08 Huss
5th Simon Anton 2.07.00 Huss
6th Malcom Nield 02.00.04
7th Kev Jones 02.00.00 Wrasse
7th Dan Davies 02.00.00 Codling
9th Andy Wallis 01.11.08
10th Ritchard Brownson 01.09.08
11th Adam Davies 01.07.08
12th John Wallis 01.06.04
13th Pete Roberts 01.01.08
14th Lewis Brownson (j) 01.01.04

The date for the fur and feather presentation and a few pints is pencilled in for Saturday 17th December in the clubhouse, but i will confirm this date and the time once we have spoken to Steve at the clubhouse.

Thanks to everyone who fished this year from Dan. Hope to see you all again for the boat section meeting sometime in March next year and back on the water for the 2012 boat league.

Dan was so excited to see his Codling that he couldnt contain himself!
Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. 100_0973

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Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11.   Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11. Empty19th November 2011, 9:25 pm

nice report Kev,i know fishing was hard at times but we loved the match fishing with a great bunch of lads and cant wait till next season,also will be there for the winter league(well done to lady m)and see you all soon.
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Match 9 - Straits - 13/11/11.
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