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 Suveran II. 27/08/09.

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Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty
PostSubject: Suveran II. 27/08/09.   Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty27th August 2009, 10:22 pm

After months of planning, and after being brought forward by a day due to a dodgy forecast for Friday, today was the day of our planned trip to a far off wreck in search of something special. bounce

There were just 4 of us today, along with Simon the skipper, and we were all up till late last night as the anticipation of what could be caused a little insomnia. So much so that I slept through my alarm and was woken up by Mike phoning to tell me he was waiting outside my house. Sleep

A quick belt around the house, and a short dash down the deserted prom had us boarding Suveran II just before 6am, meeting up with Steve, Wes and Simon who were all aboard and raring to go.

Unfortunately, the forecast had changed since last night, giving strengthening winds for after dinner so it was decided to stay closer in than we had hoped to go ( although we still went over 20 miles out ) and try a few wrecks closer in.

Suveran II. 27/08/09. 100_0174
This is the gas rig from the other side, looking back towards Rhyl. Shocked

The ride out was a little lumpy, but conditions were fine once we got further out. sunny
Suveran II. 27/08/09. 100_0173

We arrived at the first wreck and had a few drifts. A few small Pollack came out which was a lot less than we were expecting.

Another move back inshore put us on a wreck that was a little more prolific. I eventually stopped my rig from tangling and was rewarded with the biggest fish so far. A nice Pollack on a Black rubber eel with a red tail. cheers
Suveran II. 27/08/09. 100_0172

Everyone had a couple of fish on this wreck, including some monster Pouting and a Grey and a Red Gurnard were also taken on jellies!

Another move saw us all bag some more Pollack, including one for Sinbad which was a similar size to my biggun. We had a short while on the Mackeral before heading off to another wreck to anchor up and fish over low.

I fished two large Mackeral baits on 8/0 wire traces, hoping for a Huss or a Tope, but all I managed here was a couple of Dogs. Evil or Very Mad

No-one else had anything of note here and the wind was getting up as forecasted.

We tried a couple of drifts as the tide picked up but these didn’t yield anything so the decision was made to cut the trip short and head in. We were still 17 miles off and had heard that the boats who had stayed inshore had shortened their trips due to the swell. pale

Never mind! We had a good day, caught a some nice fish and can try to get out after our target species next year.

Thanks to Mike, Wes, Steve and especially Simon for a great day out. Simon tried his best to put us on the fish, kept the brews and advice flowing and made a mean Mackeral dish for dinner which was very nice.

Cant wait until next time now!!!

Oh Yeah! When weighed on the club scales, my Pollack was 04-02-12Lbs. Seeing as I cant find a boat record for Pollack inside club waters, im entering it, unless anyone knows better??? cheers

To book a trip with Simon on Suveran II, his dad Tony on Jensen II or our very own Gwinny Andrews on Goldilocks, visit their website,

Hopefully Mike will add his report on here as he took lots more photos than i did!
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Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suveran II. 27/08/09.   Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty27th August 2009, 11:38 pm

Here's my take........................................

Venue - Rhyl
Duration - 8 hrs
Bait: Fresh Mackerel
Boat - Suveran II
Skipper - Simon Parry

The good news this morning was that our trip was on!!!!!

The bad news was that the remnants of Hurricane Bill had turned our 12hr shark hunt into an 8hr wreck and general trip.

This didn't stop us making it 22 miles offshore to drift a few wrecks.

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9611

The Pollock were here in numbers. Bites were instant with fish to 4lb coming in allround.

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9637

A few Pouting were showing as were some nice Greys and Reds.

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9642

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9652

But it was the Pollock that made up the majority of catches.

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9638

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9639

As forecast, the wind did get up.
We headed back inshore and anchored up for a while.
Whilst the weather held, we saw Doggies, Whiting and Gurnards.

We finally headed back in, followed closely by Wild Bill

Suveran II. 27/08/09. Img_9623

Happy Days!!!
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Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suveran II. 27/08/09.   Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty28th August 2009, 5:31 pm

Good effort lads shame about the weather Rolling Eyes .
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mossy the blue

mossy the blue

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Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suveran II. 27/08/09.   Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty11th October 2009, 10:19 pm

simon is a good skipper who will always do his best, some nice fish there, Cool Exclamation

but still no coddos about Sad Sad
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Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suveran II. 27/08/09.   Suveran II. 27/08/09. Empty

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Suveran II. 27/08/09.
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