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 Boat Match No 6

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PostSubject: Boat Match No 6   Boat Match No 6 Empty22nd July 2009, 9:40 pm

Forecasts were all over the place leading up to the match so we really couldn't predict were we would be fishing until late Saturday then it was not great news as it looked highly likely to be the Straits, with all the rain we had had over the previous few days and the swollen rivers spewing fresh water into the venue it did not bode well for the fishing but it's the same for all and it's great having a day on the water.
Sunday morning arrived grey and overcast with the rain pouring down as i drove from Abergele to Ians house in Dwgyfylchi to pick up the boat, a quick stop to fuel up and then off to the little chef carpark at Llandegai to meet up with the rest of the lads, by 8-0 am four boats had pulled into the carpark. With the forecast of 4-5 mainly from the west but vearing from wsw to wnw we decided to launch off the beach at Moel y Don as long as there was not too much south in the forecast we should be OK here, a quick overpriced coffee from the chef and we were off to the launch site.
On arrival the beach was sheltered close in but there were a few white horses showing a bit further out but not enough to cause us any problems, the boats were launched in quick time and then off to their chosen marks, most of the day would be spent fishing the ebb tide with low water aroud 2 ish at Port Dinorwic, we kicked off our fishing just off the hole at Pwllfanog on the mainland side a spot that can produce a lot of species on it's day just a shame this was not that day, we gave it about an hour here but apart from the ever present massive dog population nothing showed, we decided to move over to the island side of Pwllfanog fairly close in about 100 metres off the beach, this is another good mark on it's day an area of high broken ground which can produce a large variety of species this time of year including huss bream wrasse pollock to name just a few, after an hour of fishing the mark with just a few undersize huss, a ruck of dogs and a solitary sea scorpion it was evident that as we suspected the freshwater was having a dire effect on the fishing we could only hope that it would improve on the flood.
Boat Match No 6 BOATMATCHNO6004

Here's a picture of Lady M and her crew on the huss mark, keen as mustard.

We tried a few more spots while waiting for the slack water before the flood with very little success apart from the shoals of codling and dogs we had nothing to add to our tally of two species.
Boat Match No 6 BOATMATCHNO6002

Here's a sample of the cod fishing in the Straits at the moment, what they lack in size they make up for in numbers.

As slack water aproached we decided to give the mini mark a quick go and within a couple of minutes had added a tompot and a goby to our count, things were looking a bit brighter, we then moved to give the first mark we had visited another crack and picked up a pouting and poorcod pretty handy taking our tally up to six, we spotted a buoy about fifty yards down from the mini mark fairly close in, about fourty or fifty yards out, we shouldn't do really but we tied up to it and were quickly into the ballans on our rag baited mini rigs, we must have boated ten or so, some to over specimen weight, Ian managed a nice little corkwing and we caught a few goldsinnie wrasse, i decided to whip a couple of nice softies to a 4-0 on a longish flowing trace and fire it out into the flooding tide and within a couple of minutes there was a nice codling of around two pounds in the boat, that got Ian licking his lips yum yum.
Our species count was now starting to look half decent considering the conditions but time was ticking away and we found ourselves in the last hour of the match so a return to the huss mark to try for a decent fish to give us some weight, we were joined here by the other three boats who had been down to the Bangor end of the Straits trying the deep hole off Gallows point to see if there were any herring there, well worth a try because if you do pick one up it's a good chance it will be a specimen, there are also gurnards in the area, on a good day that is not today, we all failed on the huss today also which is unusual, last year they were almost a surething on this mark, hope the hard winter hasn't seen them off.
Boat Match No 6 BOATMATCHNO6015

Bob and Frank on Bass Hunter making their way back to the launch site.

At the weigh-in it proved a very close match with two boats catching nine species and the other two on ten, Rosea just took the honours today with ten species a specimen ballan and top weight giving 53pts.
Bass Hunter took second with ten species a specimen ballan and second best weight.
Lady M took third spot and O2B@C fourth.
Rosea took the heaviest roundfish pool with a ballan of 2-13-08.
The flatty pool has once again been carried over fishing from this venue, bit of a concern really when you consider this area was once paved with quality flatfish and now it seems there are none or very few, any theories what may be causing this?

Next match in a couple of weeks,
Thanks to all who took part.
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 6   Boat Match No 6 Empty22nd July 2009, 11:23 pm

Cracking report as usual Gary, shame the fishing wasnt up to much.
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Boat Match No 6
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