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 Boat Match No2

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PostSubject: Boat Match No2   Boat Match No2 Empty25th May 2009, 9:23 pm

With the forecasters promising very favourable conditions for Sunday we opted to fish the local patch and meet at Colwyn Bay slipway at 08-00hrs, they were not wrong with not a breath of wind and blue skies to welcome our arrival, the only downside is were are the boats, perfect conditions and only two boats, Dan & Adam on O2B@C and Ian, Roger and myself on Rosea, it seamed pretty pointless having a competion with just the two but we went through the motions even though the match was void.
The boats were launched in no time and we decided to follow Dan to a mark in Llandudno bay which has thrown up smutts and huss at this time of year, on route we gave the little orme a drift to see if there were any macks showing but without any success so we decided to join Dan and Adam near the pier in Llandudno, Dan informed us that they were just picking up dogs and pin whiting so we shot off to try a small wreck lying about a mile or so north of the old coastguard station on the orme, there's not a lot of the wreck showing but you can just about pick it up on the sounder, this mark can produce pouting and poorcod with a chance of conger huss and any macks tend to shoal over it, we tried a couple of drifts with little success apart from a solitary mack and some small whiting so we decided to try to anchor over it and we managed to get fairly close which produced pouting and poorcod as soon as the rigs hit bottom, the pout were of good size for the area with the best going 35cm on the measure, i dont know what that length equates to in weight but it must be in excess of a pound and half, here's a couple of pics of the two species>
Boat Match No2 Picture012
Boat Match No2 Picture013
we also managed dabs and a whiting to size on this mark
Boat Match No2 Picture005
Boat Match No2 Picture007
dab, one of many caught on the day, some in excess of 30cm
We gave the mark another hour or so trying for a conger or huss on the bigger baits without any joy, next we shot over to the orme fishing close in on the rough for a ballan and maybe a pollock, we caught the Ballan but failed on the pollack
Boat Match No2 Picture015
Back to the pier area now to see if we could bag a smutt or a huss, superb crab baits were put out so if there were any smoothies about they were sure to find our baits, i put a mack head down on 6-0 partridge which resulted in this, not massive but around the 5-6lb mark
Boat Match No2 Picture021
no smoothies at this mark today, we moved close to the pier were we picked up a corkwing close to the ironwork
Boat Match No2 Picture017
we were made aware later that there is a 50 metre exclusion zone around the pier for watercraft so i dont think we will be fishing that close again,
Our next move was over close to the new windfarm a fair run from Llandudno bay to drift a mark were we used to take plaice on a regular basis before they started work with the pile driving last year, we did try the mark last year with no success so we put this down to the distusbance, the pile driving was completed at the back end of last year so the area has had a chance to settle down so it was worth another shot and it payed off with this little beauty, not big but big enough and perfectly formed
Boat Match No2 Picture023
We shot over to the edge of the banks to an area of mixed ground to finish the day in the hope of a couple of gurnards but failed on them but did manage to fluke one of these
Boat Match No2 Picture026
long spined sea scorpion, little beauty, Ian did have a tope run on the small gear but was quickly bitten through so they are about, if the comp had gone ahead we would have managed ten species, i think i have posted them all bar the dog so not bad fishing for May, just a shame more could not have turned up to take advantage of the glorious weather, but if they don't want to fish in these conditions i'm afraid the future of the boat section looks pretty grim.

Bar the plaice which was deep hooked and a few of the better dabs all fish were returned
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No2   Boat Match No2 Empty26th May 2009, 7:43 am

Cracking report and photos Gary.

With low numbers in the shore section over the last 12 months as well, it makes you wonder whether its worth bothering doesnt it?
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No2   Boat Match No2 Empty26th May 2009, 2:22 pm

Great report Gary and sum brilliant pics to go with it. A brilliant day had but what a poor turn out with only our selves(o2b@c) and Rosea turning up. scratch . It would be such a shame to see the boat section dissapear as it has been part of the club for so long. Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No2   Boat Match No2 Empty26th May 2009, 4:36 pm

Good pictures there Gary. We struggled all day only managing 5 species,we couldn't get through the whiting, dogs and dabs to find much else, here's a few piccys of the few fish we did get.
Boat Match No2 24052009071
Boat Match No2 24052009072
Boat Match No2 24052009076
Boat Match No2 24052009080
Boat Match No2 24052009085
Boat Match No2 24052009081

Boat Match No2 24052009082

Roll on the next match,hopefully there'll be a few more boats attending, come on lads it'll be a shame to see the boat section go.
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No2   Boat Match No2 Empty

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Boat Match No2
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