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 Fish and computers, do they mix?

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Fish and computers, do they mix? Empty
PostSubject: Fish and computers, do they mix?   Fish and computers, do they mix? Empty24th June 2008, 6:40 pm

Hi all,

Just thought I'd stop by and say I'm seriously impressed with the job that has been done with the website! It's me by the way, Dave Robinson. Mike Robbo's son for those who don't know, or "Damien" for those of you who never knew my real name. I'm sure Gary and Bobby (in the mist) will remember me. Anyway I just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm now running my own company, and yes here comes the gratuitous plug, at Basically the deal is this, my Dad is not exactly Bill Gates' protege so I help him out quite a bit. Now hopefully you lads are a bit more up to date on the ole' PC front, but just in case you're not, feel free to get in touch using the website above or e-mail me at And yes, seeing as it's you lot and you keep my old man out of my mums hair every now and again I may even include a special discount for you all!

Anyway, take care guys and like I said if you need a hand with anything, give me a shout!

Dave "Damien" Robinson.

p.s. Hope I haven't broken any forum rules with this post.

Also, a quick note, a few people on this forum have mentioned pop up problems when browsing the t'interweb. My advice is to ditch internet explorer and go grab yourself a copy of Firefox, it's free, safer and faster than IE. Here's the link FIREFOX
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Fish and computers, do they mix?
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