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 2013 awards

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2013 awards Empty
PostSubject: 2013 awards   2013 awards Empty16th February 2014, 8:29 pm

Here's a list of the 2013 awards

Biggest fish trophy- Jack Nettleton(j) tope 37.15.00lb
Vincent Trophy- n/a
Moore Trophy- n/a
Kinmel Cup- n/a
Watson Hoyle Trophy- n/a
Dutton Cup- n/a
Fish of the year- paul jones lsss 00.06.00lb
Whincup Trophy- mike robinson cuckoo wrasse 01.01.12lb
Hague Shield- n/a
Victoria Cup- bob roberts plaice 00.08.04lb
Harry Willman Trophy- n/a
Colwyn Trophy- mike robinson 4 specimens
Pat Hyde Trophy- n/a
D W Hyde Trophy- n/a
Tackle Box Trophy- n/a
Dexter Trophy- mike robinson 4 specimens
Ivor Evans Trophy- gary bates 2.04.04lb
Rhos Trophy paul jones 2 specimens
Traeth Shield- paul jones 1 specimen
Best of Minis- paul jones lsss 00.06.00lb

F.o.m Awards

Jan- Norman dorling 5 b rockling 00.05.12lb
Feb- paul jones lsss 00.06.00lb
March- n/a
April- gary bates flounder 02.04.04lb
May- paul jones ballan 03.10.08lb
June- dave Mitchell flounder 01.15.12lb
July- mike peters ballan 02.15.12lb
Aug- dave lunt smelt 1oz
September- john jones dog 03.02.12lb
Oct- terry jones thorny 08.02.00lb
Nov- dave Roberts dab 01.00.08lb
Dec- billy mclintock 5 b rockling 00.05.12lb


March- n/a
April- n/a
May- malcom nield cuckoo wrasse 00.15.12lb
June- mark willams cuckoo wrasse 00.13.00lb
July- mike robinson cuckoo wrasse 01.01.12lb
Aug- bob Roberts ballan 02.14.00lb
September- n/a
Oct- mark singleton ballan 02.11.08lb
Nov- adam davies huss 09.13.08lb
Dec- n/a

Best Of species

5 B Rockling- terry jones 00.07.00lb
Flounder-gary bates 02.04.04lb
L.S.S.S- paul jones 00.06.00lb
Plaice- bob Roberts 00.08.04lb
Ballan- paul jones 03.10.08lb
Dog- john jones 03.02.12lb
Dab- dave Roberts 01.00.08
Cuckoo Wrasse- mike robinson 01.01.12lb
Conger- bob Roberts 10.13.04lb
Tope- jack nettleton 37.15.00lb
Huss- adam davies 09.13.08lb
Thorny- Arthur beechey 10.11.08lb
Spotted ray- mike robinson 03.09.04lb
Bream – mike peters 01.03.00lb
Smelt – dave lunt 00.01.00lb
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2013 awards
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