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 2011 awards

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2011 awards Empty
PostSubject: 2011 awards   2011 awards Empty4th February 2012, 7:43 pm

Here is the list of prize winners from 2011. Prize giving night will be advertised in the near future!

Any problems then reply to this post and Dan will investigate.

Biggest fish trophy- Dan Davies Conger 11.12.00
Vincent Trophy- Adam Davies Bass 06.00.00
Moore Trophy- Dan Peters Dog 02.06.08
Kinmel Cup- Hannah Elmer Dog 02.04.00
Watson Hoyle Trophy- N/A
Dutton Cup- N/A
Fish of the year- Dan Davies Flounder 02.10.11
Whincup Trophy- Jason Phillips Lsss 00.06.00
Hague Shield- Adam Davies Bass 06.00.00
Victoria Cup- Adam Davies Plaice 02.10.12
Harry Willman Trophy- Frank Collier Huss 09.15.04
Colwyn Trophy- Norman Dorling 4 species
Pat Hyde Trophy- Jack Peters 1 specimen
D W Hyde Trophy- Thomas Jones 1 specimen
Tackle Box Trophy- Frank Collier 1 specimen
Dexter Trophy- Bob Roberts 3 specimens
Ivor Evans Trophy- Dan Davies 02.10.11
Rhos Trophy- Terry Jones 3 specimens
Traeth Shield- Norman Dorling 3 specimens
Best of Minis- Jason Phillips Lsss 00.06.00

F.o.m Awards (Shore)

Jan- Barry Haigh 5 B Rockling 00.06.04
Feb- N/A
March- Paul Jones Lsss 00.03.04
April- John Jones Flounder 02.01.12
May- Adam Davies plaice 02.10.12
June- Dan Davies Flounder 02.10.11
July- Norman Dorling Corkwing 00 .06.00
Aug- Dave Lunt Dog 02 .12.08
September- Terry Jones Huss 08.05.15
Oct- John Jones Dog 02.09.04
Nov- Dave Jones Dog 02.14.04
Dec- N/A

Boat F.o.m Awards

Jan- N/A
April- N/A
May-Ritchie Brownson Ballan 02.08.08
June- Frank Collier Ballan 03.08.00
July- Frank Collier Huss 09.15.04
Aug- Jason Phillips Ballan 02.10.08
September- N/A
Oct- Bob Roberts Ballan 02.13.00
Nov- Andy Lee Ballan 02.13.08
Dec- N/A

Best of species

5 B Rockling- Barry Haigh 00.06.04
Flounder- Dan Davies 02.10.11
L.S.S.S- Jason Phillips 00.06.00
Plaice- Adam Davies 02.10.12
Ballan- Frank Collier 03.08.00
Corkwing- Norman Dorling 00.06.00
Dog- Dave Jones 02.14.04
Tompot- Collin Dunn 00.03.00
Bass- Adam Davies 06.00.00
Herring- Roger Edwards 00.06.00
Dab- Dave Jones 00.12.08
Cuckoo Wrasse- Bob Roberts 00.08.12
Conger- Dan Davies 11.12.00
Huss- Frank Collier 09.15.04
Ling – Bob Roberts 04.09.04
Cod – Tom Jones 02.04.08

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2011 awards
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