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 Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07

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Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 Empty
PostSubject: Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07   Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 Empty13th May 2008, 1:41 am

Five juniors fished the fourth and final leg of the Colwyn Bay Victoria Sea Angling Club Junior Summer League, held on Llandudno Pier on Sunday.

Firstly, thanks to Sarah and her staff who had very kindly cordonned off an area for us to fish, and Ray for donating prizes once again.

There was a strong breeze, blowing from the little Orme, but it was more of a problem for me, as i was trying to juggle fish cards and not let them blow away. The juniors didnt seem too fussed as, at least the wind was warm(ish), and the rain held off until just after we had left.

Fishing started at 11-00, and within seconds, Tom was reeling in a double header, on his baited shrimp rig.
Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0158

It was between Tom and Elliot for the league title today. Elliot was one point ahead going into the match, so it was all to play for, although, it seems i was a lot more excited than either of them seemed to be. :Smile

Here they are with a Corkwing each.
Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0159

The fish were coming in non stop, and there were times when three or four of the kids were waiting for me or Terry to measure fish and record the results, before they returned them.

I was thinking the fishing would slow down a bit as we got nearer to high water, but this was not the case. The pace remained the same, all through the match. This resulted in some decent specimens turning up, and the kids were loving every minute of it.

Sara with a specimen Long Spined Sea Scorpion.
Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0161

Evan with a Pouting.
Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0160

A special mention must be made for new member Harrison Davies who did well considering the conditions and the fact that he was fishing his first match. Highlight of the day for most of us there, was his reaction when he reeled in this double header of Pouting (below).

Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0163

I decided to award tackle vouchers for Victoria Pier Angling this time, as i have run out of ideas for prizes, so once again, many thanks to Ray, who matched the money i had to spend, resulting in prizes of £15, £10 and £5.

The match winner, and new league champion was Elliot Roberts, with a bag of 37 Corkwing Wrasse, 8 Pouting and 3 Poor Cod, for a total length of 684 Cms. 48 fish well done Elliot.

Second was Evan Adams, with 22 Pouting, 16 Corkwings and 5 Poor Cod, for a length of 601 Cms.

Tom Jones was third with 11 Corkwings, 6 Pouting and 2 Poor Cod for 273 Cms, with Sara fourth and Harrison fifth.

In total, the five juniors caught, measured and returned, 133 fish, in 3 hours.

Here they all are after the presentation.
Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07 2006_0916Image0165

The final league placings are,

1st, ELLIOT ROBERTs with 49 points and 987 Cms.
2nd, THOMAS JONES with 46 points and 492 Cms.
3rd, SARA ELLIS with 36 points and 499 Cms.
4th, EVAN ADAMS with 26 points and 745 Cms.
5th, HARRISON DAVIES with 11 points and 69 Cms.

Well done to Elliot Roberts who wins the Millson Cup.
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Summer match 4. Llandudno Pier. 16/9/07
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