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 Presentation night 2010.

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Presentation night 2010. Empty
PostSubject: Presentation night 2010.   Presentation night 2010. Empty20th June 2010, 4:52 pm

The usual faces were present for the presentation of 2009s awards which took place at the clubhouse last night.

Norman took a big box of unclaimed prizes home again Evil or Very Mad

Here are some shots of the night.

The prizes ready for handing out.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0553

Club President Roger Handley making his speech. Love da bling Rude Boi!!!
Presentation night 2010. 100_0554

Shore section organiser Terry Jones.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0555

Presentation night 2010. 100_0557

Junior champ, picking up his 9 trophies!!! Thomas Jones.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0560

Presentation night 2010. 100_0571

Club legend Norman Dorling.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0567

...and one for his good lady Janet.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0565

Club secratary and boat section organiser Gary Jones.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0566

Assistant boat section organiser Dan Davies.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0563

and a couple for the younger Davies brother, Adam.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0561

Boat section regular Bob Roberts.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0562

and his boat mate Frank Collier came from Manchester to collect his prizes.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0564

and last but by no means least, the skipper of Rosea and membership secratary Ian Boulton.
Presentation night 2010. 100_0568
not a very good shot im afraid, hopefully Gary will have a better one.

A good night and good food again. See the same few who can be arsed supporting the club at next years.

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Presentation night 2010. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Presentation night 2010.   Presentation night 2010. Empty21st June 2010, 7:13 pm

Just to add a few picture's to Kevs report

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010007
A nice picture of young Tom with a couple of very senior members of the club

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010008
Tom again with a few familiar faces in the background

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010011
Young Adam Davies picking up one of his awards.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010012
Last years no 1 skipper Bob off Bass Hunter and is the President having a little pose for the camera there.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010014
Dan Davies skipper off O2B@C looking quite chuffed with his trophy.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010016
Frank Collier assistant skipper off Bass Hunter looking happy with himself, fair play to Frank for making the journey from Salford to the presentation.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010020
Old flooky Jones has even picked up a couple of awards this year, it must be getting too easy.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010021
Our Norman always in the prizes, he seams to be getting better with age.
Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010022
Skipper of Rosea Ian Boulton looking a bit surprised, well done Ian.

Presentation night 2010. Presentationnightjune19th2010024
Big Peter representing Hanna Lou after picking up his award.

Thanks to the members who made the presentation happen namely Norman Dorling, Roger Handley, Mike Robinson, Terry Jones and Kev Jones and Fester (Glyn Hughes) for sorting out the best of species and fish of the month certificates oh yes and Dave Parker for the raffle, the buffet was spot on as usual so thank you Steve for that, if i have missed anyone out my sincere apologies.

Message to the members who won prizes and couldn't or wouldn't attend for whatever reason, TRY AND MAKE AN EFFORT NEXT YEAR.

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Presentation night 2010. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Presentation night 2010.   Presentation night 2010. Empty22nd June 2010, 9:25 pm

Thanks to everyone for a great night on Saturday my ball and chain and I had a great time.
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Presentation night 2010. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Presentation night 2010.   Presentation night 2010. Empty

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Presentation night 2010.
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