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 How to post a photo/report.

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How to post a photo/report. Empty
PostSubject: How to post a photo/report.   How to post a photo/report. Empty4th March 2008, 6:53 pm

I put this post on another website some time ago and Kev thought it may be of use on our website........... if you already know how to upload pictures etc, please ignore my ramblings below!
Most people will probably already know this, but for those who dont, it might make putting a fishing report on with pictures far easier. I dont know about you? but while i was on dial up i didnt spend half as much time on the net but now i have finally got broadband ive started to experiment!

I have checked to see if this has been covered before, but if it has i must have missed it!

I have found that i can now write a report in my own time stopping and starting as many times as i like adding and removing pictures (even finishing and saving it until the next day if i run out of time at night. When im ready and happy that i havent missed anything out, i can open up a new thread and put all the details on in a matter of seconds!
Obviously you have to put your pictures into something like photobucket in advance.

Here goes..........
Firstly i open up a connection to my photobucket album where i have already uploaded my pictures, i now minimise this to the bottom bar on the screen (Broadband connection, so costs no more to leave it on!)
Now I open a new blank "WORD" document,
I can now write and change as much as i want, i can also add the pictures as i go along by clicking on the minimised photobucket webpage to open it back up, select the picture i want and then copy the IMG code, i now minimise the page again and paste the code where i want it! If you want you can leave a line where you want your pictures and put them all in at the end, to be honest i found it easier to do it as i go along!
The best part of doing it like this is that you stop and start when you like, even leave it until the next day or longer if you want!
Just remember to save it somewhere you will find it!

When your next on this site you can just click to start a new thread........ open your word document over the top......... copy all the document.......... minimise your document out of the way.........
then paste the contents of your document straight into the text box! Apart from typing in your "SUBJECT" the jobs done!!! you can still preview it and add your Smileys in the same way as normal before posting it.

For all the people like me who are still learning on the computer, when i say copy i mean "click the left button on your mouse and keep it down, this must be at the front of the first line of text etc, keep the button pressed and move the mouse along or down the page . As you do this you will see the text gets highlighted! when you reach the end let go of the left button. Now using the right button on the mouse, click anywhere on the highlighted text. This will now give you some options, just left click on "COPY"

All you have to do now is open the box where you would normally type in your thread then just "right click" in the box and and left click on "PASTE" from the drop down box, hey presto everything should appear...... dont forget it will not show any pictures until you preview it or post it!

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but if it helps just one person it will have been worth writing this thread! There has been plenty of times when i wished somebody would help begginers like me!
(Its not normal for us grown men to admit we havent got a clue! Embarassed )

I will have to go back through the above now to make sure ive got it right? lol!

Thanks for your time
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How to post a photo/report. Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to post a photo/report.   How to post a photo/report. Empty5th March 2008, 12:54 am

Cheers Sam,

The only thing i would add is that a photobucket account is free to set up. Go to and register, then you can upload photos that are already stored on your computer. Go to upload photos, then browse, and choose My pictures/documents, wherever your image is stored.

When uploaded, the site gives you the image code to copy onto the report you are writing, and as Sam states, this is easier, and can be done at your own pace, if you follow his procedure, above. Just double left click on the IMG Code box, then paste on your report where you want the image to appear.

You can change the size of the image on this site, from avatar size to too big for our pages. The ideal for photos on here is 640x480, i will now demonstrate. I hope?

How to post a photo/report. 2006_0729Image0077

Thankyou, and goodnight.
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How to post a photo/report.
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