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 Match Rules

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Match Rules Empty
PostSubject: Match Rules   Match Rules Empty6th November 2020, 4:47 pm


1:  All anglers must be present at the booking in at least 45 minutes before the start of the match.
2: Anglers will draw a peg number and can walk to there peg.
3: There will be no more than 1 rod to be used at any one time, with another setup and away from your tripod if needed as a spare with only a clip on, not a rig.
4: There will be a maximum of 3 hooks allowed on a rig, but spare rigs can be set up ready to change after each cast.
5: All anglers are permitted if needed to wet a line before the match starts with only a weight attached.
6: All anglers to start at the same time, there will be no casting in before the set time of the match, same applies to the end of the match, all anglers must have there lines reeled in by the end time stated.
7: All anglers must be back to the weigh no more than 45 minutes after the match has finished to hand there cards in.


1: All anglers must have suitable match measure with them and a bucket or fish bag.
2: All fish over 18cm to be measured, all fish under that size will be thrown back and will not count. Dogfish to count as 50cm, huss head to tail and Ray's across the wing.
3: All fish when reeled in are to be taken to the angler on the next peg to you attached to the rig in a bucket for them to be measured and signed for.
4: After your fish have been removed and measured they must be returned to the sea straight away.
5: Any fish wanting to be kept must have the tails cut off so the same fish cannot be measured again during the match.
6: When measuring fish all cards must be kept upto date, and a rolling measurement of length must be kept on the card and signed off at the end of the match. This makes things easier for the organiser at the end of the match.
7: Only when all cards have been checked at the end of the match by the organiser to make sure people can count will any results be given.

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Match Rules
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