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Sea Angling in North Wales
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  Conwy 16th 2019.

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     Conwy      16th 2019. Empty
PostSubject: Conwy 16th 2019.        Conwy      16th 2019. Empty17th March 2019, 11:17 am

Another test, winter fishing is for the very hardy,in a match its sticking it to the very end, in hope  the drive to the venue was bad enough, but it did ease as we walked out,dirty water gave me a little hope,first get the bank behind you ,lot warmer. 5mins Nia lands a rockling,  15mins i get a rockling  Nia then pulls a Flounder 31cm iget another rockling time to get on the bank for flounders miss best bite of the night, eel? not safe on the top rocks, went back down every time we look over to Nia shes landing fish,i finaly found flounders, 2under size 1 26cm then the last hour Died fishing into pure water plus weed.

     Very well done Nia Williams   0-51k   1rockling 2flounders,you must have had a lot under as well, i Norman Dorling 2rockling 1 flounder 0-37k  Fon Owen found a very late Eel of 0-33k   turned out the heavest fishof the night.  we drew the 4th prize.12 fished.

            Norman Dorling         2-60k           148
            Billy Mclintock           2-23k            144
            Fon Owen                 2-33k            137
            Nia Williames (L)       1-52k            136
            Terry Jones               1-17k              98
            Nigel Colon               0-88k              94
            Darren Jones (RHYL)  1-24k             81
           Tyson Badcott  (J)       0-30k             74
           Ian Williams               0-28k              73
          Colin Dunn                  0-92k              68
          Mike Peters                 0-88k              68
          Kev Coleman               1-00k              63
          Dave Vernon               0-30k               60
         Dave Jones                  0-57k               59
         John Jones                  0-92k                56
         Dave Lunt                   0-84k                49
        paul Jones                   0-27k                46
       Marc Viercant              0-59k                45
       Darren Jones               0-22k                42
       Kevin Martland            0-42k                 35
       Barrie Haigh               0-40k                 29
       Gareth Edwards          0-26k                 29
       Wayne Grant              0-00                   15
       Danny Parker             0-00                    10  

 summer League list will be put up29th March.

     Winter Champ.     gets     25£    at prize giving in December CO club Fur & Feather.
            2nd             gets      15£          """""""""""""""""
            3rd              gets      10£          """""""""""""""""""""
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Conwy 16th 2019.
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