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Sea Angling in North Wales
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  Flint Cob 19th may 2018.

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         Flint Cob       19th may 2018. Empty
PostSubject: Flint Cob 19th may 2018.            Flint Cob       19th may 2018. Empty19th May 2018, 7:05 pm

A very pleasent day saw most of the fish off on there holidays, 3 small Bass 13 flounders 13 eels to please some of the 8 fishing,Paul Jones had a very good first half Bagged 3-14k 4 flounders 6 eels Terry Jones started with the heavest fish flounder of 0-63k 2more & a eel gave 1-50k Mike Peters had a good second half 2 flounders & 1 eel 0-99k Barrie Viercant trying us out had 3 eels 1flounder 0-75k Marc Viercant 2 flounders 0-71k Barrie Haigh 1 eel 1flounder )-33k. the Bass 33cm 34cm 37cm all put back alive.

Mike Peters 4-53k 106
Norman Dorling 2-04k 94
Terry Jones 2-47k 76
John Jones 3-53k 70
Dave Jones 2-12k 67
Marc Viercant 1-28k 66
Paul Jones 3-40k 64
Barrie Haigh 0-33k 42
Dave Lunt 0-38k 39
Mike Richards 0-43k 35
Malachi Richards (j) 0-09k 30
Dave Vernon 0-37k 29
Nigel Conlon 0-20k 26
Dave Cooper 0-00 5

K O Cup.

Terry Jones 1-50k V John Jones AB.
Malachi Richards (j) v Dave Cooper Both AB
Mike Richards AB v Mike Peters 0-99k
Norman Dorling 0-07k v Dave Jones AB

Next round. Terry Jones V Bye
Mike Peters v Norman Dorling

Teams Norman Dorling ------ Terry Jones 170
Mike Peters ------- Dave Lunt 145

Best fish eel 0-62k Paul Jones
Flounder 0-63k Terry Jones.

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Flint Cob 19th may 2018.
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