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  Tan Lan 4th 2017

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     Tan Lan     4th 2017 Empty
PostSubject: Tan Lan 4th 2017        Tan Lan     4th 2017 Empty4th November 2017, 11:52 pm

Fished along side ( at low the remembering Harry Griffiths)  7 0f us played out the last league match,plenty of Whiting few dogs & 2 under size Rays,lot of early weed slowed us downthe early whiting easedtill low tide then with a few dog chased us across the Beach.

       top rod,        Billy Mclintock         6-58k       4dogs 16 whiting
                          Terry Jones              4-29k      3 dogs 10 whiting
                          Norman Dorling       3-30k ??     3dogs  10 whiting
                         Dave Lunt                3-09k         2dogs  7whiting
                         Mike Peters              2-93k        2dogs   4 whiting
                         Barrie Haigh            1-21k

       due to a poss error on my part, terry and i agree a tie for club champion.

         Terry Jones      283      11-96k
         Norman Dorling 282    10-62k
        Mike Peters        281    19-42k
       Barrie Haigh       272    10-18k
       Dave Lunt          241    12-85k
       Keith Hughes     194    10-43k
      Nigel Conlon       110    4-41k
      Billy Mclintock     73     10-93k
      Pred Williams     64      0-99k  
      Dave Vernon      31       0-97k
      John Jones         5        0-0k

                       Norman Dorling ----------Barrie Haigh    554k
                       Mike Peters -------------Dave Lunt         522k

                    Heavest Bag Cup   Mike Peters       19-42k
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Tan Lan 4th 2017
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