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 Tan lan. nov 14th 2015.

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Tan lan.  nov 14th 2015. Empty
PostSubject: Tan lan. nov 14th 2015.   Tan lan.  nov 14th 2015. Empty15th November 2015, 9:28 am

Left home in pouring rain and blowing a gale, temp 11c the T V looked inviting. but off i went. 8 of us mad ones turned up, lol!  the rain eased and the temp rosed to 16-5c wind dropped one of us must have been to church, wasent to bad a night bar the lack of dogs.    top rod on the night was Barrie Haigh with a bucket full 37 whiting 1 dog 1 rockling  7-65k that a in size fish every 6mins. next our cham for this year Dave Mitchell  4dogs 15 whiting  6-44k Billy Mclintock  2dogs 19 whiting  5-20k  Dave Jones  3 dogs 16 whiting  best dog here o-87k  Norman Dorling  3 dogs 8 whiting  4-06k  Mike Peters 1dog 15 whiting 3-80k Dave lunt 1dog 7 whiting  1-84k.    
  plenty of 26cm whiting faster than the dogs,

     Final League
                      Dave Mitchell     290      32-00k
                      Mike Peters       278      19-79k
                      Norman Dorling 270      19-49k
                      Dave Lunt         265      11-41k
                      Dave Jones       240       14-52k
                      Paul Jones        191        9-33k
                      Barrie Haigh      188       16-36k
                      Gary Bates       156       12-69k
                     Billy Mclintock     109       10-31k
                     Mark Hill            102        3-93k
                     John Jones         90         5-62k
                     John Davies        5           ----

team          Mike Peters  -- Dave Lunt   543

                Gary Bates--- Dave Mitchell  446

                Dave Jones----Paul Jones   431

     Flo & Headly  Cup      Dave Mitchell    32-00k

      sub to recheck.
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Tan lan. nov 14th 2015.
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