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 Winter league match 2

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Winter league match 2 Empty
PostSubject: Winter league match 2   Winter league match 2 Empty19th January 2014, 5:29 pm

17 members and 1 guest fished at Rhyl`s Splash Point last night, the heavy rain that was forecast hadn`t made an appearance as we started, but it turned up half way through the match and made it a tad uncomfortable.
The fishing was a bit slow to start with, but by the end everyone weighed in, with bags of mainly dabs, plus a few whiting, a couple of flounders and rockling. There have been some decent codling caught here over the last few weeks, but only undersize ones were around last night.
Mike Peters took the first prize with 9 dabs and 2 whiting for 2.27 kgs., Dave Radcliffe was just 10 grams behind on 2.26 for his 12 dabs, after having to leave an hour early.
3rd place went to Steve Streetly with 9 dabs for 2.07, and I was 4th with 7 dabs and a flounder for 1.95. Dave Roberts was 5th on 1.89 and Barry Haigh 6th on 1.75.
Top teams with 63 points each were Mike Peters and Dave Lunt, and Dave and Jordan Roberts, Rees Havill took the junior prize with 4 dabs for 0.93 kgs. and the heaviest fish prize went to Jordan Roberts with a flounder of 0.47 kgs.
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Winter league match 2
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