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 Prestatyn bank holiday tues

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PostSubject: Prestatyn bank holiday tues   Prestatyn bank holiday tues Empty6th June 2012, 10:14 pm

3 Boats from cbvsac fancied a change of scenery and a crack at the tope fishing yesterday so we met up with Jason (mytime) at Prestatyn sailing club.
A nice quick tractor launch meant we were away quite handy so we headed off towards the wind farm for fresh macky, blue moon managed a bucket full within a hour so we paid them a visit and pinched some of there’s to go with the few we had, fresh bait now sorted we headed back in for the tope.
I was the 1st one to have a run but when I struck my cheap braid parted (that’ll teach me!)
Jay then had a screeming reel and there was no stopping this guy, it made mince meat out of his 150lb wire trace and waved us good bye, all wasn’t lost though because not long after he showed us how it’s done by landing this around the 30lb mark.

Prestatyn bank holiday tues IMAG0138

Prestatyn bank holiday tues IMAG0137

Jay also landed another tope of 10-15lb, Adam missed out on the tope action he never had a run all day but managed a small huss of 4lb. Things went quite over hw and the 1st of the ebb so we moved inshore and fished the banks and the rough ground off the sailing club, here we had a few small bass, 2 smoothies, the biggest was around 10lb but I made a meal of landing it and it made the great escape, This was his smaller brother.

Prestatyn bank holiday tues IMAG0139

All too soon it was time to come in and retrieve the boats, tractor and trailer waiting on the beach for you (that’s what you call service!) cheers lads, you’ve got a cracking setup there. We’ll be back for a day out on the bass next.
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PostSubject: press what in?   Prestatyn bank holiday tues Empty7th June 2012, 12:08 am

cracking report dan,great day,shame about the tope,thats a cracking flag i can see in the back of one of them piccies.

jay was the man on the day, great fight,be made up to land one like that.
your right,they have got a well sorted set up there, think we'll have to invade again Very Happy ,
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Prestatyn bank holiday tues
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