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 Trefor. 8/9/10.

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Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Trefor. 8/9/10.   Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty8th September 2010, 10:41 pm

Had a little trip to Trefor with brother Dan today aboard the mighty O2B@C.

We were in the water for just after 8 and straight off to find some Mackeral for bait with Tope being todays number 1 target.

Trefor. 8/9/10. 100_0698

The wind was quite stiff early on and from the South West but was forecast to drop around dinner time.

We stayed close in shore and soon enough we were into the Mackys but my first 3 came off on the way up or beside the boat while Dan was picking up the odd one now and again as well as a nice Tub Gurnard on his feathers.

After losing my feathers and setting up a new set I was rewarded with a full house and then a few more soon after them to make our bait stock a bit more healthy. I also had a Whiting on the feathers for species number 4.

We shot off to our first mark and each stuck out a whole Mackeral on a Tope rig and some baited shrimp rigs hoping for a bream.

Sadly we were hounded by Dogs and some tiny Huss.

This was the story for the next 2 spots we tried. None of the Huss were over 2lb but this was probably the smallest.

Trefor. 8/9/10. 100_0700

The next spot was pretty much the same although I had a small Ballan and Dan had a Corkwing. We decided to head to a mark quite a bit further out to see how bad the swell was and if there were any more or better fish out there. As I picked up my rod to reel in I felt a good rattle which resulted in this little beaut.

Trefor. 8/9/10. 100_0702

This changed things, so we gave this mark another half hour but caught only more Dogs and Huss before heading out.

When we got to the mark offshore, we found Morgan James fishing near by. We dropped the anchor and fished for a while but it was lumpy to say the least. Bloody uncomfortable would be more accurate! We didn’t have any fish here, or see any being brought aboard the charter boat so decided to turn tail and head back inshore.

We tried a couple more marks on the way in with similar or worse results to those tried earlier and then headed close inshore underneath one of the headlands to try for Wrasse and Pollack.

There were at least half a dozen seals swimming around here. This had possibly put the larger fish off feeding, but the baited shrimp rigs were doing the business on the Corkwings.

They were coming in thick and fast, with the odd small Ballan thrown in for a bit of variety.

This was just one of the double headers of Corkwings I had.

Trefor. 8/9/10. 100_0703

Out next move was to head closer to the slip at Trefor. Dan was after a Sea Scorpion for the species hunt and I hoped I might pick up a mini I hadn’t already had so we fished tight against the end of the pier for about an hour catching fish nearly every drop, and often within seconds of the lead touching bottom!

We had dozens of Corkwings from between the pier legs and dropping just outside the resulted in small Coalies for us both and I had a small Codling too.

Dan was a happy chap when he managed his target species from here in the shape of this small but beautifully coloured Long Spined Sea Scorpion.

Trefor. 8/9/10. 100_0704

After a long day we headed in just after 5pm. Unfortunately we had missed out on the Tope but had had a good days fishing all the same given the sea state, the size of the tide and the fact that the wind didnt drop as forecast.

Fingers crossed well get another go at the Tope before the winter but we both have a few other targets for the hunt so well have to work on them until the opportunity arises.

Happy Days!

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PostSubject: Re: Trefor. 8/9/10.   Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty9th September 2010, 6:44 am

Looks like you had a good day out there Kev,I love that place,fantastic views and always plenty of fish,tight lines see you soon.
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wayne mcgill
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wayne mcgill

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Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trefor. 8/9/10.   Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty14th September 2010, 3:46 pm

like the new trimmed look kev mate,has dan been on the sun beds again.them bream have been thin onthe ground this year,only had a few i had i nice one off chesil thursday.
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Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trefor. 8/9/10.   Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty14th September 2010, 4:03 pm

Well done lad's, not been down to Trefor for a few year's now, it used to be a regular venue at one time.
Love the huss Dan, did it take a macky head on an 8-0 Very Happy Very Happy
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Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trefor. 8/9/10.   Trefor. 8/9/10. Empty

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Trefor. 8/9/10.
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