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 Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay

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PostSubject: Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay   Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay Empty17th April 2010, 9:28 pm

After their success last week on the Rays, I joined Dan and Adam for a trip out of Trearddur Bay aboard their boat O2B@C.

The weather was fine and clear, apart from the haze possibly caused by volcanic dust from Iceland but a sea breeze took the heat out of the sun and meant we kept our jackets on for most of the day.

After 5 hours kip I managed to meet up with the lads before our agreed time so we could get an early dart to the Island.

We were in the water for 8.30 and headed straight over to Ty Croes to target the Rays.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0463

Things were quiet for the first hour, but we all managed to get a couple of Dogs each for the hunt.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0460

Things suddenly went a bit mental, with four Rays coming up in the next half hour.

Dan had two,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0461

Adam had one,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0462

And I got one which put up a great scrap on my little rockhopper rod.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0464

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0470

They weren’t as big as their fish last week, with the biggest being about 4lb, but they were our target species so we were all happy.

The Rays went off and we carried on catching Dogs until another brief flurry of Ray activity took the scores to 5 for Dan, 3 for me and 2 for Ad.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0459

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0468

This time, the Dogs also went off so we decided upon a move to a spot the lads know for Huss.

We anchored up and got fishing at our second mark but things were quiet here too. A couple of Dogs all round came over the side but Dan managed a small Huss, but they all count for the hunt.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0472

The next move was to just off Lees camp between Ravens and Lilyponds.
Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0473

We were hoping for Wrasse here, although we were unsure if it was still a bit early for them.

There were very few there. Action was hardly hectic but there was the odd fish to keep interest up.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0474

Dan ticked a few off the list for the hunt, in the shape of a Ballan,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0477

and a Corkwing,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0478

and had a bonus Tompot on his small hooks.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0479

Adam had a few Ballans and I got a Pollack for the hunt.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0476

I was a bit peed off I couldn’t get a wrasse but theres plenty of time left for those.

Our last move took us off Ravens where it looked like combat fishing. There were even some idiots tombstoning off the headland!

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0482

Adam carried on with his small hooks here and added a few species he hadn’t had previously in the form of a Codling,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0480

A Whiting,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0481

A Poor Cod,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0485

and a bonus Coalie.

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0483

Dan added a Pouting to his list,

Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay 100_0484

But I could only catch Dogs again. I hadn’t had one for months before today and im sick of the sight of them now.

All to soon it was time to pack up and head for home. A very enjoyable day, if not a little disappointing from a personal species hunt perspective but I cant wait for next time now, when the summer species will hopefully have moved in, in greater numbers.

Thanks Dan and Ads.
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PostSubject: Re: Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay   Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay Empty18th April 2010, 2:48 pm

Nice pics Kev Very Happy It was a good day out and at least we had a few fish, roll on the summer sunny
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Sunny Rays @ Trearddur Bay
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