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 Tan Lan. 23/10/09.

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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty23rd October 2009, 11:37 pm

Last January I asked Tom if there were any fish he wanted to catch this year. His answer was Bass and Dogfish. Rolling Eyes

He has already caught 2 Bass this year, while I haven’t had one Embarassed and I decided tonight was the right time to get him his Dog.

After the good numbers at the Shore league match at Tan Lan last week, the venue didn’t need thinking about. A couple of packs of Lug, 1 of small sandeel and a Mackeral from the freezer and we were ready to go. bounce

Conditions were warm and dry on our arrival. An hour and a half before low, we fished straight in front of the Arches alongside the rock groyne.

I opted not to fish, but Tom was fishing 2 rods so I spent the evening baiting up, sorting out tangles, unhooking fish and watching for bites. geek

As the second rod was cast out we had a visitor. It was local fisheries officer Phil Capper who had come down to investigate reports of netters in the area and had seen our headlamps. He stayed for a brief chat when he saw it wasn’t us he was after but rushed off when a vehicle matching the description of the one he was looking for parked up at the Arches. It turned out this was another angler, who joined us on the beach later on.

First cast resulted in mission accomplished. After a bit of huffing and puffing, Tom pulled these up the beach. cheers

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0203

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0208

Next target was a Dog over specimen weight of 2-08-00lbs for the club so we carried on with similar catches every cast. Double and treble headers made up of Dogs and some nice sized Whiting were coming in.

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0209

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0207

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0206

I think it was a bit much for Tom. His arms were aching and he was getting tired so it was decided we would head home at around 10pm. Sleep

The tide tuned just after 9pm and this seemed to bring the bigger Dogs in. He dropped a good one at the waters edge, but next cast produced this one, weighed at 2-09-08 it was the one we were hoping for. cheers

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0210

He had a last cast on both rods to use up the last of the frozen bait and we got ready to go home.

The first to come in had this greedy Dog on it. It had taken 2 hooks. pig

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0211

The last retrieve resulted in a treble header of 3 different species. A small Dog which Tom returned while I unhooked what I thought were 2 small Whiting. Upon closed inspection, one of them was a Pollack! At Tan Lan? scratch

Tan Lan. 23/10/09. 100_0212

The final score was 6 Dogs, at least a dozen Whiting ( I lost count Embarassed ) and a Pollack. With another week off, we could be hitting the island next week if the weather is fit and ive told him to think of another target for me to get to work on. study

The guy who joined us on the beach was planning to stay until Saturday afternoon, but was already moaning about the Dogs as we left. Hed only had one! lol!

Happy Days!!!
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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty24th October 2009, 1:51 pm

Good report and pictures there Kev, good old Tan Lan produces the goods again, Well done Tom on the specimen woofer cheers cheers
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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty24th October 2009, 2:31 pm

Well done Tom, I`m sorry I didn`t join you now, but I will next week !
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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty30th October 2009, 7:37 pm

Great report as usual kev!

Well done tom!
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wayne mcgill

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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty31st October 2009, 10:43 pm

well done tom. good report kev
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Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tan Lan. 23/10/09.   Tan Lan. 23/10/09. Empty

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Tan Lan. 23/10/09.
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