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 dingle 22-25 08 08

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PostSubject: dingle 22-25 08 08   dingle 22-25 08 08 Empty27th August 2008, 7:49 pm

We set off for the dingle penninsula, southwest ireland on friday 22nd august, myself, plasticpaddy, and pro-hunter.

we landed early evening, and the weather looked promising in spite of the reports so we headed off to brandon pier to stockup

on mackerel. a few pubs around dingle town were then visited!!

up at the crack of dawn saturday morning and the weather was a much different story, grey skies, peeing down, and blowing an

absolute hoolie 30+ mph. relying on local knowledge from jonty we tried to fish camp beach as its on the north of the penninsula

and the gales being southwesterly but it was in our faces and we retreated after about an hour!

we moved on to inch strand and gave it a go there, the weather wasn't much better and now it was raining heavily and coming in

horizontaly and straight in our faces. sod it we agreed, not for moving again we brassed it out till the death

with it being a shallow beach, and having no waders we had to wade out the waist to cast,,,we were WET!!

after many hours we were ready for packing up when i had a massive slack liner, felt like another big clump of weed untill i got it

to the shallow water where it really came to life! my pb bass

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010446

i was over the moon, the wind and rain just really didn't matter, but the best bit was jon and jay were really made up for me! real mates

thanks lads!!

after a photo-shoot billy was revived and released

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010448

after a hot shower and some scran we ventured out to a bar close to our digs in cloghane called "tigs" well the hospitality of the irish

was great, a smashing night and maybe a guinness or two too many!!

the peace of sunday morning was shattered with an early morning wake up from jonty,,,,,again!

after a visit to "dun an oir" and a confrontation with an angry farmer we decided to move to the lighthouse in dingle harbour.

we fished hard for wrasse with crab baits, and rays at distance with sandeel and mack. the vast amount of fresh water killed the fishing stone dead!

jon and jay had a run of pollock.


dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010449


dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010450

jon again

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010452

well in lads,,,,

the weather really was this bad, a few pics!

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010477

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010479

dingle 22-25 08 08 P1010481

all in all a fantastic weekend, the weather was crap as was the fishing! but funnily enough we all had a great time!

thanks to jon and jay great guys!

thanks to jack and anne for giving us digs!

i for one can't wait for may!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: dingle 22-25 08 08   dingle 22-25 08 08 Empty27th August 2008, 10:52 pm

Thanks for a cracking report.

Youve had some belting fish there, and you say the fishing was crap! I would love to fish there when its good Shocked

The weather looks about right for August though. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: dingle 22-25 08 08   dingle 22-25 08 08 Empty28th August 2008, 4:40 pm

Great report ,looks like you had a good holiday,you had some belting fish there fair play Very Happy .
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PostSubject: Re: dingle 22-25 08 08   dingle 22-25 08 08 Empty28th August 2008, 6:08 pm

Good report there Brockster, you may not have had the quantity but you had the quality, some nice fish there and well done on the bass. We traveled down to Cobh county Cork on the Saturday for the EFSA comp so we know what the weather was like horrendous for the first couple of days but it did improve later in the week, dont ask how the comp went Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed but the beer and the crack was mighty drunken drunken drunken
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PostSubject: Re: dingle 22-25 08 08   dingle 22-25 08 08 Empty

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dingle 22-25 08 08
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