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 Boat League-Match 3

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PostSubject: Boat League-Match 3   2nd June 2008, 8:31 pm

Boat match no3 held on Sunday 1st June out of Treaddur Bay, forecasts were once again giving north-easterlies 3-4 so it was decided to give this venue another chance after the poor show on the last match two weeks earlier.
Six boats entered the comp and once again all boats were on the water before 9-0am, the fish were not prolific and once again the majority of anglers were finding it difficult to catch the fish they were targeting, at the start we went drifting on the sand just off Porth Daffarch hoping to pick up a plaice, dab, grey gurnard and possibly an insize whiting but the problem was the fish hadnít read the script and we were still there two hours later, eventually we managed a couple of the species that we were after but this was the story for most of the day for us , spending to much time in areas were we have caught certain species but not catching them or spending to much time catching, but thatís the way it goes sometimes anyway thatís enough of the excuses all the boatís didnít fare as badly as us, Gwyn, Fishy and Steve on Goldilocks managed to find twelve species and one specimen to take the honours which was a good result on a day when species were hard to find, there was a points tie for second place between Owie, Elwyn and Dewi on Garramma II and Dan and Adam on O2B@C , Dan and Adam took the second position because even though the two boats had equal points Dan and Adam had caught more species, so well done to them for bouncing back from the poor show at the last match, O2B@C also took the pool for the heaviest fish with a Huss of just under ten pounds, the pool for the heaviest flat was taken by Rosea with a plaice of just over a pound, there were some quality wrasse caught with the best of the bunch a fish of 3-14-08 taken by Elwyn bach on Garramma II. Once again apologies for the lack of fishy photos but we had nothing special on our boat and I was too busy at the weigh-in to take any shots so for all you boat lovers here are some pics of, ďyes youíve guessed itĒ boats.

Owie and the crew of Garramma before the off.

Dan & Adam on O2B@C off to the first mark.

Liam & Wayne on their Raider 16.
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Boat League-Match 3
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