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 Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.

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PostSubject: Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.   15th August 2010, 1:34 am

Only 12 anglers fished the fifth leg of CBVSACs summer league on the beaches of Rhyl and Prestatyn last night.

The majority of the anglers headed for the Prestatyn end of the limits and the onshore breeze and coloured water was screaming Bass.

It was a toss up for us whether to fish Prestatyn or stay closer to home and fish the famous Not Bad Gulley but the sailing club won in the end.

As it was my first shore league match of the summer, I wasn’t targeting a top three place but was after a Bass and a Weever for species 32 and 33 of the year.

We started at 7pm with a decent onshore wind which promptly dropped to nothing and a good covering of cloud so we couldn’t see the remnants of the Persied meteor shower which peaked last Thursday.

The beach was busy with holiday makers as the match began.

The tide dropped quickly on tonights 1.1 metre tide and there was a bank starting to show infront of us at the start. Mitch decided to wade over to it to cast and by the time he got back to shore, he was down to the last laydown on his reel.

This paid off though as he had a Dab and a small Bass on his first cast.

As the tide dropped, the fish came onto the feed. Dabs, Weevers and small Bass were being caught all around me. I was using lug on a 3/0 for a Bass but to no avail.

A change of tactics was called for and so on went a 3 hook rig with size 4s and worm baits tipped with Mackeral for a Weever.

My first cast into the nearest gulley with a rolling lead lasted 10 minutes. I reeled in a couple of weevers to give me species number 32 of the year.

I immediately switched back to the Bass rigs as Mitch had caught 5 undersized Bass by now.

Freshly pumped lug was being sent out every 10 – 15 minutes and was duly being stripped by the crabs and empty hooks being retrieved.

As it was quiet I managed to get some sunset shots. Nothing to rival Mikes yet but ill keep trying.

The tide turned and I carried on trying for a Bass. Mitch had now had 7 with only 1 in size. Gary had had one the other side of him but neither me or Terry had had one.

On the penultimate cast the tide had pushed us off the far bank. Mitch had had another 2 Bass, one in and one out and then Terry found one on a bunch of Ragworm!

The weed was becoming a pain in the flooding tide. The wind had got back up and it was becoming a little uncomfortable so I packed in ready for a sharp exit to lick my wounds and plan my next assault on a Bass.

Although the cloud had cleared there werent any meteors that i noticed but plenty of low planes on their way into Liverpool to watch.

Mitch won with 2 Bass and a Dab. Norman was second with a Flounder, a Dab and a Weever and Terry was third with his 2 Dabs and 2 Weevers. Full results will follow.

Our next match is on the Breakwater so Rock Cook and Leopard Spotted Gobies are on the wanted list for September 18th.

Happy Days!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.   15th August 2010, 7:48 pm

Fantastic report Kev, those sunset shots look pretty good to me mate.
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PostSubject: Re: Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.   16th August 2010, 8:44 pm

Here`s my efforts, including my weevers.

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PostSubject: Re: Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.   18th August 2010, 3:28 pm

The official blurb......

Only 12 members for this one, with reports of bass being caught from Prestatyn over the few evenings preceding the match it was no surprise that we all headed that way!

Mitch showed us how it should be done, with a wade out to the far bank and a cast to somewhere near the Wirral, he found an undersize bass and a dab straight away. Norman meanwhile had a specimen flounder first cast, so expectations were running high.

As it turned out, this was a` false dawn`, only Mitch carried on catching, with the rest of us scratching out a few flatties and weevers plus the odd schooly.

By weigh in time Dave Mitchell (Mitch) had caught 9 bass on fresh crab presented at long range, with 7 of them under our 45 cm. limit, but the 2 in-size fish, plus a dab were more than enough to win, with a weight of 2.96 kgs. the best of the bass took the heaviest fish prize at 1.56 kgs ( 3-06-08 lbs)

Norman Dorling took 2nd with a flounder, a dab and a weever for 1.10 kgs. 3rd was Terry Jones with 2 dabs and 2 weevers for 0.47, Stephen Higginson took 4th, and the junior prize with a flounder and 2 weevers for 0.34, Gary Bates 5th with 4 weevers and a dab, Barry Haigh 6th with a plaice and a weever for 0.29.

Top team were Norman and Terry with 72 points.

The latest league table is here
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PostSubject: Re: Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.   

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Match 5. Rhyl/Prestatyn. 14/8/10.
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