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 Up the island. 31.10.09.

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PostSubject: Up the island. 31.10.09.   31st October 2009, 11:30 pm

After 2 weeks off work and only one sesh to show for it, it was time to boost the species hunt and hopefully bag a specimen or 2 with a trip to the island today. I was joined by Terry and Mike.

The forecast was for South Westerlies gusting to 15mph but when we got to our chosen mark in Trearddur Bay, it was a bit fresher than we expected.

We were into fish from the off. Small Ballans were nailing the Ragworm and crab baits as soon as they hit the bottom.

I had to bite the bullet and photograph a small one for the species hunt.

After an hour or so on the Ballans, I decided to target the minis. A hook size drop from size 2 to size 6 was instantly rewarded with a fine Tompot Blenny. Another new one for the species hunt, and when weighed it was 3 ounces which is club specimen weight. Happy Days.

Next up was a nicely marked male Corkwing. Not required for the hunt, but it weighed 0.04.12. My second specimen of the day.

I carried on, switching between size 2s and 6s which accounted for more Ballans, some small Pollack,

and finally another one for the hunt in the shape of a tiny Poor Cod. ( They all count )

Terry had managed a Dog while casting out as well as a better sized Pollack on Bluey and more Ballans and a small Tompot.

Mike was struggling to get his rigs back but also managed Ballans and a Corkwing.

The wind got stronger, and coupled with the flooding tide was sending spray all over the rocks making it very slippy under foot. A move was decided upon and we headed back to the car for the trip to mark 2.

Amlwch Breakwater was the choice for the shelter and the chance of some different species.

I set up my size 6 mini rig and dropped it down the inside wall. A bite registered straight away but it took a couple of drops and a hook scale down to size 10 to get me a fish.

It was new species number 4 in the shape of a small but perfectly formed Codling.

Next drop secured new species number 5 for the day and 27 for the year which was a Goldsinney Wrasse.

The evening continued with small Poor Cod all round although Terry managed a fantastic double header of scratch Octopuss, scratch Octopusses, study Octopii. lol!

It was soon time to head home for a well deserved beer or 8 and to start planning species number 28, 29 and 30.

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PostSubject: Re: Up the island. 31.10.09.   1st November 2009, 12:43 am

Venue - Just Past Ravenspoint + Amlwch Breakwater
Tide - Low
Time - Day + Night
Bait - Fresh Rag, Frozen Lug, Frozen Mackerel, Peeler Crab
Date - 31st October 2009

I joined Squidward and Headwyn for a trip to a mark just next to Ravenspoint.
Geoff's supplied the Ragworm and Peeler. Supplemented with some Lug and Mackerel from the freezer.

Approaching the mark, it became apparent that the forecast 10mph SW wind was indeed a bit stronger.

We were fishing over low, so the swell didn't cause us too much trouble.

Time to setup and get started.

Ragworm on a single size 2 hook seemed to be a popular choice.
Success was pretty instant.
Kev had 2 Ballans before I'd even cast out!

I did eventually get out but was plagued with tackle losses.
A couple of Ballans did rescue my rigs from the tackle graveyard to get me off the mark.

Meanwhile, having no such problems, the other 2 were steadily racking up the species.

Adding to his Tompot Blenny and Poor Cod, a lovely coloured Corkwing for Kev.

A doggie on his 2nd rod added to Terry's tally.
Back on the Ragworm, he was in again.

Next up was a nice Pollock. Caught on the Mackerel if my memory serves me.

I'd switched to a Paternoster and had a nice double of a Corkwing and a Ballan on Lug and Crab coctail.

I did have a bait trap out today.
With the swell as it was, I was surprised to get it back.
I was even more surprised to find something in it!
A Tompot Blenny/Poor Cod/Pollock combo!

With the tide now firmly into the flood, discretion became the better part of valour!
We decided to head to Amlwch Breakwater to continue into darkness.

I stuck to the small hooks and had a steady stream of tiny Poor Cod.

Kev managed a tiny Codling and a Goldsinny Wrasse to continue his succesful species hunting.

Meanwhile, Terry had the strangest double header I've seen!
A brace of Octopi!!!!!!!

A fitting end to another great sea fishing adventure!

Happy Days!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Up the island. 31.10.09.   2nd November 2009, 4:59 pm

Well done lads nice little session Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Up the island. 31.10.09.   

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Up the island. 31.10.09.
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