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 Boat Match No 5

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PostSubject: Boat Match No 5   7th July 2009, 9:38 pm

With UK windmap giving 8-10mph southerlies throughout the day for Sunday conditions looked near perfect to fish our home waters off Colwyn Bay so a few phone calls on Saturday night to the boat skippers would save the treck down to Llandegai our usual meeting point,
Five boats and crews met up at the pier slipway at Colwyn Bay for 8-0am on a bright but fairly breezy Sunday morning, the wind was a tad more than the forecast i had seen but it was blowing offshore and the venue was definately fishable, so with the boats all on the water and trailers and vehicles neatly parked up for just after 8-0am the boats scattered all heading for their different marks.
Rosea and her crew had planned to start the day chasing the bass just off the Llanddulas river for the last couple of hours of the flood, we dropped the hook in about 20ft of water on what looked like broken ground on the fishfinder, flowing traces with 4-0 hooks loaded with peelers and softies were lobbed downtide from the boat, expectations i must say were pretty high at this point but them high expectations were short lived when we started to bring up the rigs covered in clumps of green weed, Ian did manage a schoolie at this mark just a couple of cm short of size, as the tide eased the crabs came on the feed so we decided on a move over to the new windfarm to drift some multi hook flowing traces with beads and flasher spoons the size 2 kamasans loaded with Geof Blazier's finest ragworm, if there were any plaice on these banks we were going to get them, alas it was not to be, we did get a couple but well undersize not so the dabs which were of good quality, we also picked up a couple of tub gurnard and any number of lesser weavers catching them three at a time at one point, a bit tricky unhooking these critters on a moving boat but after about half an hours practice i think i was getting a bit of an expert, well i managed to avoid getting stung.

Here's a shot of one of the new wind turbines we were drifting past, pretty awesome when you get up close.

Our intended next move was to go over to fish the wreck of the Calcium which lies not too far from the Rhyl windfarm, the wreck holds quite a few species including bream conger pollock the odd ballan pouting and poor cod so it is well worth a couple of hours on it unfortunately today we would not be fishing this wreck as the gremlins had managed to get into our gps system and no matter how much wd40 was sprayed into the plugs and connectors it was having none of it so finding the Calcium would be like finding a rather small neadle in a bloody massive haystack so that plan was aborted.
So plan B it would have to be, with no access to any of our marks it would have to be find a charter and park the boat nearby and just hope it's a half decent mark, we spotted Anthony Parry on Jensen a couple of miles northwest of the windfarm fishing a mark that Gwynnie off Goldilocks charters had told me fished fairly well on the Saturday so we headed over and dropped the hook a couple of hundred yards downtide of Jensen, Anthony spotted us and told us what was being caught on his boat, i knew that there were huss around this area and a good chance of picking up a tope so i lobbed half a mackeral hooked through the nose on a 6-0 hoping to get the interest of either species, as luck has it that first cast resulted in this>

Dont know what the weight was, didn't do any measurements, i will let you guess as to the weight,

Another shot of me grappling with the same fish,

This mark fished fairly well with some quality Tub gurnards and near specimen reds, huss to near 7lb, whiting well in size and some cracking dabs, Rogers persistence with baiting up with crab payed off when he managed to snare this cute little fella>

Nice little smoothie, the fish not Rigsby.

As usual the day soon came to an end, it's amazing how quickly the time goes when your fishing a match, not a bad day really considering we lost the use of the gps we managed to scrape 9 species not a winning total but ok, by the way mackeral were plentyfull at all the marks we fished bar Llandulas.
Back on the beach Bass Hunter and O2B@C both had 11 species each but Bass Hunter pipped it with an extra specimen, O2B@C were 2nd, the pools for the heaviest round and the heaviest flat were both taken by Rosea with a huss and a dab of 13 oz, Lewis Brownson won the junior prize fishing off his dad's boat Hanna Lou.
Five boats fished the match today which is the best turnout of the year to date but i am hoping that the boats fishing are on the up with a fair bit of interest being shown, in my opinion you nead 6+ boats fishing on a regular basis to create a competetive league and interesting matches.
Enjoyed the day and the company, thanks to all who fished.
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   7th July 2009, 11:47 pm

Cracking report and photos Gary.

Nice Tope too cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   8th July 2009, 11:23 am

Nice tope that Gary, i didn't realise that you had a good un.
We headed over to the river mouth at Rhyl 1st thing and spent a good hour cathing loads of smoothies on light rods (oh what fun!) We then headed out off the Rhyl wind farm were we had weevers,tubs,reds,whiting,dabs, and dogs. Adam lost a tope out here by making a school boy error! He thought it would be a good idea to strike whilst the reel was out of gear and the ratchet on, you should of heard the noise the reel made Razz and boy did have a good birds nest which resulted in a lost tope Rolling Eyes We then tried a wreck out by the gas rig were we picked up a pout and a poor cod and then for the last few hours we headed for the little orme and picked up a ballan and a corkwing and we also had a bass 1/2 a cm under size Crying or Very sad We had a good day out and plenty of fish which is a bonus.
Here's a couple of pics of adam with a few smoothies

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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   8th July 2009, 8:23 pm

Here's a few more pictures of the day.

Skipper and crew of Basshunter.

Motley crew.

Junior winner young Lewis Brownson with his huss just before it's returned.

Lewis striking a pose with his dad Richie.

Scene from the weigh in, what you doing with your hands there Adam?

Hanna Lou ready for the off.
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   12th July 2009, 4:29 pm

great reports and pictures boys!!! a pleasure to read!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   13th July 2009, 4:19 pm

"Scene from the weigh in, what you doing with your hands there Adam?"

Just checking that hes still there Gary after all of them monster fish i pulled in Embarassed !!!!!!!!

Great report to boys. Always a pleasure to read ...
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PostSubject: Re: Boat Match No 5   

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Boat Match No 5
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